I love new trends that redefine long-held clothing norms and the sneakers with dresses trend did exactly that.

Shopping for sneakers always takes me a considerable amount of time. I can see a pair of heels or sandals and know immediately I want them but buying a good pair of sneakers is more of a process. I found these Huarache’s on Carbon and after debating what color to get for about a week I went with these coral and orange beauties: they are even more vibrant in person.

I paired my sneakers with an old favorite Zara dress and my new favorite ASOS sun visor. The neutral white allowed the focal point of the outfit to be the shoe while adding a feminine touch to the look.

One thing I like to do when I spot a new trend is to see if I can recreate it using items I already have. This is exactly how my bag came about. I saw another favorite blogger with an AMAZING clear bag that had another vibrant small clutch inside of it. Realizing I had a clear bag and plenty of colorful small clutches, I went to work on recreating the look and loved the results.

I paired my sneakers with my Zara shirt dress (an old favorite), and

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