IMG_0140.JPGEvery year around March or April I begin the hunt for new swimsuits. This task can be daunting due to the sheer number of websites selling bathing suits and surprising in how early in the spring/summer things begin to sell out! Being raised in California means just about all of our family vacations involved the beach. My grandmother got the whole family together every summer for a beach trip and inspired my love of being on the beach. It’s one of my absolute favorite places to be. When I was a child my mom would take me and my sisters to pick out two (if we were lucky) swimsuits before the summer began.  As the years went on my sisters and I started to become more creative in our choices of swimwear and even started subscribing (to my mom’s dismay) to a teen swimsuit catalog. My love of beaches and swimwear has remained to this day. I plan a beach trip (or 3) every year and search for the perfect swimwear to accompany me. Part of enjoying your time on the beach is feeling confident and happy in what you have on. Below are some of my favorite swimwear looks from the past and a couple links to my favorite sites and brands. I buy swimsuits from everywhere and at just about every price point.

Next week I will be sharing (and linking) my favorite swimsuit finds for spring/summer 2018.

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This yellow one was a favorite of mine (and many other people, as everyone had it on that summer). The stitching details gave it a unique, new look and the top, surprisingly, had great support. I wore it for the first time during our girls trip to St.Tropez, France.

IMG_5611 (1).JPG

This bathing suit I bought in Greece because I wanted to look more like the locals (hehe) who all had Brazilian cut bathing suits! I don’t wear it too often in the States because it’s so much more cheeky then most American swimsuits but, on the beaches in Europe, it makes me feel right at home.


Triangl swimwear seemed to come out of nowhere and has just dominated the past few swimsuit seasons. I was initially attracted to the sporty/athletic look of their bathing suits, as well as the neoprene fabric. Now they carry swimsuits in a variety of prints, colors, fabrics, and styles.  Their suits are also relatively affordable as the top and the bottom come together usually for less than $80.


I genuinely love to swim, so before going to Jamaica I wanted a stylish but functional swimsuit I could swim around in. I lucked up and found this at Tjmaxx, basically waiting for me. I bought it without even trying it on and wear it pretty consistently.


This suit includes two pieces I bought for two different trips, a year apart. The white suit underneath is another a Brazilian cut bikini from this amazing handmade brand called Bananhot Bikini.  This suit fits beautifully and it is made from great quality fabric. For my trip to Porto Cervo I paired it with this mesh cover up I found from Naked Wardrobe for about 10 dollars (such a steal). I am already thinking of other swimsuits to wear under it this year!


Pictured above is a suit I ordered from a random website online (took a risk). The shoulder details on the top provided extra support (which I appreciated) and gave the otherwise simple swimsuit a bit of a twist.


This picture captured such a great memory. I wore this suit during my trip to Cape Town, South Africa. This swimsuit is a vintage find that I got from consignment shop while in DC. I have worn it a couple of times and love how comfortable yet stylish it is. Next week I will be linking some one pieces with great back details.


One of my absolute favorite new bathing suit designers is a Nigerian woman named Andrea Iyamah.  Her bathing suits are pricey but stunning. Well made, great fit, and truly one of a kind. I have worn this high waisted piece of hers multiple times and love it a little bit more with each wear. The bathing suit top below is also one of her designs.


Check back next week for my swimsuit favorites for the spring/summer!

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