I love to travel, and I hate thinking about what I am going to wear each day when I do. I travel most frequently with my girlfriends, and one thing we have all agreed on is that we don’t want to spend endless hours in our hotel rooms trying on outfits and getting ready. To avoid this, we decided to get organized, and the payoff has been huge (check out pictures from our trip to Porto Cervo here). Pre-planning outfits for trips might seem extra, but what it does is save you a lot of EXTRA time,  time that could be spent exploring the amazing place you are visiting.  Below is a list of items that have become my travel “must haves”, and may serve an actual purpose (besides looking good).

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  • Statement Bag. A lovely statement bag can dress up any casual outfit you might want to wear on your trip. For me,  I like to throw on a statement bag with some great fitting jeans and a white shirt, or a nice maxi dress. The bag I linked below is adorable and straw bags are definitely the item for the spring/summer (see #1 in the collage).  I have been eyeing this one from Zara for a while.


  • Sandals. A pair of good, neutral, comfortable sandals is necessary for any summer trip. I always bring a pair of sandals that are comfortable and neutral in color (I actually bought the sandals in #2 ). A neutral color is clutch because it means you can throw them on with just about any outfit you pack. It also means you can bring fewer shoes because you have shoes that can be worn with multiple outfits.


  • Cover ups. Cover ups are essential on beach trips especially when you will be visiting a beach town. Cover ups allow you to transition from the beach to shopping, dining, and even sightseeing. This is why I linked a variety of different styles (see #3, #8, #11, and #17). I honestly will bring at least three cover ups on my trips, some get worn multiple times depending on the length of the trip and what we are planning to do after we leave the beach. Three is a cover up that can double as a dress so its perfect for transitioning from beach to dining. Eight is great for shopping around a beach town after leaving the beach, or even for a little bit sightseeing. Eleven is more of a cover-up I would wear for a full day on the beach since its basically a very nice towel, but a good, easy cover up to throw on.






  • Two piece sets. I do not go on any trip without a two piece set. It’s like three outfits in one. Wear it as a set, or as separates. It’s an easy outfit that’s perfect for dining, sightseeing, and leisurely shopping (see #4 and #8).


  • Floral Dress. See this post for additional links and all of the reasons why I LOVE floral dresses (see #5 and #16).

download (1).jpeg170613PixieMarket0878-4002.jpg

  • Hats and Scarves. These are crucial for beach trips because bad hair days are a real thing and these items help you cover it up until you figure it out. I usually bring a beach hat (#6, #12) and a cute hat (#19) to save me if my hair is refusing to cooperate.


  • Beach Bag. I used to think I did not need this, but when its time to go to the beach, you will not want to shove your towel, sunglasses, cover up, lip balm, AND sunscreen (don’t forget the sunscreen) all into your everyday bag (see #7).


  • Wedges. Wedges are one of my favorite trends because they give you height (I’m only 5’2!), and they are comfortable, making them a no brainer for travel. I usually like to buy a neutral pair (I own #9 below), and then they can be worn with many different looks once again reducing the number of shoes you need to pack.


  • A Dressy Dress. It’s always nice when traveling to pack a lovely dress. My friends and I like to do the most when we travel so we always find a few fancy restaurants to go to as an excuse to get all dolled up for our night out (see #13).


  • Sneakers and Workout Clothes. Many people find the idea of working out on vacation as painful, but if you are traveling to a place with beautiful landscape, you may want to go on a run, hike, or bike ride. On my last few trips, I have really been getting into finding nice hiking trails that often lead to amazing views, waterfalls, and picnic spots (see #14 and #15).


  • Great Jeans. A good fitting pair of jeans will come in handy over and over again on long and short trips (see #18). I never travel without one or more pairs of my favorite jeans.



Shop all the above looks below!

Vacation Packing Guide.jpg

Shop Travel: One >> Two >> Three >> Four >> Five >> Six >> Seven >> Eight >> Nine >> Ten >> Eleven >> Twelve >>  Thirteen >> Fourteen >> Fifteen >> Sixteen >> Seventeen >> Eighteen >> Nineteen



  1. April 28, 2018 / 5:21 am

    Do you have any tips when traveling with hats? I always want to pack a big hats but they get ruined when confined to a suitcase 🙁

    • kimberlyc
      April 28, 2018 / 12:41 pm


      I always stuff my hats with socks or swimsuits, then put them at the bottom of my suitcase, and pack everything else around and on top of them, this as worked great for me!


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