I am 100% on board with this trend. The feminist in me is doing a little dance because for the first time in a long time a women’s fashion item is completely functional and logical. Despite the fact that I love a nice purse, it’s amazing being hands free, especially while living in New York City. I have vivid memories of my mom wearing her fanny pack every single time we went to a theme park (every.single.time) due to the convenience they afford. When I heard (or saw rather), they were back in style I was hesitant to try it because I had put that in the “mom things” category of my brain. I now have three belt bags/Fanny packs and I highly recommend you grab a few too. Number seven is the one seen in my Polka Dot Takeover post and I wear it almost every weekend!

The ones linked below are at a variety of price points, colors, styles, and prints. Most sites linked have a bunch of different belt bags to browse through.

Happy Hunting!

Belt bags all.jpg

Shop These Bags Here: One >> Two >> Three >> Four >> Five >> Six >> Seven >> Eight >> Nine


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