Being current and looking up to date with your summer style in no way means you must go out a buy a whole new wardrobe. In this special edition of weekend sales, I will be highlighting a few pieces you can add to your already existing wardrobe to feel on trend without having to over spend (hehe that rhymes).

  1. Mules

Mules are back this season and in fun prints and beautiful pastels. They are a quick and easy item to throw on with anything you already have (shorts, denim, dresses etc.), that will instantly make an outfit look more modern and up to date. Buying a pair will give many of your summer favorites, a fresh new vibe. The ones linked below are all on sale, or from a discount website with sale prices!

Shop these mules: One >> Two >> Three

2. Denim Skirts

Yep, they’re back, no surprise here as fashion is more circular than linear, things are always coming back around. A denim skirt is a great new addition because you can wear it multiple times, pair it with tops you already have, and it immediately updates your summer wardrobe. The three linked here are updated versions of this classic piece with interesting design cuts like seen in one and two. And fun details like the front zipper on three.

Shop Denim Skirts: One >> Two >> Three

3. Solid Colored Dress

A solid dress in a bright or neutral color is another great way to update your wardrobe with a smart piece. Bright gem tones like one, and pastel colors like two are trending this summer. A solid colored dress can be worn, re-styled, and worn again multiple times letting you get the most out of your purchase.

Shop Dresses Here: One >> Two >> Three 

4. Wedges

New shoes are an easy way to update and re-style old looks. This summer wedges are once again being seen everywhere. As someone who is only 5’2″, I appreciate the extra height, that doesn’t come at the expense of my feet. One and two are both in nice neutral colors which makes them easy to wear with a variety of items (like jean skirts or a nice solid colored dress lol).

Shop Wedges: One >> Two >> Three

5. Two Piece Set

I am a big fan of coordinated sets. When you find them at a great price, you are buying items that can be worn together, and separately. The tops in all three sets below could easily be paired with jeans or a denim skirt. The bottoms can function much the same. Coordinated sets allow you to mix and match the pieces getting a lot of wear out of the set.

Shop Coordinated Sets: One >> Two >> Three

6. Neutral Sandals

I spoke about the benefits of neutral sandals on my travel packing guide, but they are a must have item in your summer wardrobe. You can wear them with anything and everything, including all the clothing items listed above! This is an item I buy every 2-3 years as they last over multiple seasons and are a summer staple that really simplifies getting ready especially when traveling.

Shop neutral colored Sandals: One >> Two >> Three


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