I chatted all about the new trend of casual business attire here, and now I’ve linked some favorites for you to shop!

Number One is a double-breasted floral blazer with matching shorts. Sold as separates, this set hits two big summer trends: business wear and florals. Both pieces are great together and make great separate pieces for your wardrobe.

The color of number two is what initially attracted me to this business inspired coordinated set. The bright orange compliments the gold buttons nicely making it a great look for spring and summer.

Number three was a no-brainer because it’s leopard and that’s one of my all-time favorite prints. It also is a very versatile print that can cross seasons and be worn in fall and winter with tights and/or over-the-knee boots.

Four is a striped light blue blazer and short set that’s the most modest of the ones featured. Its subtle with the details but right on trend with the fit and matching shorts.

Five is my absolute favorite. A beautiful floral brocade blazer with matching shorts that is just too good not to include! Perfect for spring, but similar to three it can easily be worn and restyled for fall and winter!

All of the looks are linked below, happy shopping!

Shop Casual Business Wear: One >> Two >> Three >> Four >> Five 


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