The sequin come back has arrived and I am here for it.  This not so new trend is quite literally adding even more shine to an already colorful summer. Here on Casual Redefined I have discussed how bold bright colors are trending on summer runways so it only makes sense that designers added an extra bit of sparkle in the form of sequins.

When I started shopping for my birthday look this year I immediately knew I wanted to wear something bright and sparkly. I was quickly surprised at the vast number of options presented to me. Sequin looks were popping up on almost every site I shopped, and they were available at all price points.

Sequined clothing is often seen as a more formal or dressy attire, but this spring designers like Tom Ford have reimagined the sequin to be casual everyday wear AND dressy attire: similar to casual business wear (read here). There seems to be a trend of redefining traditional clothing in new unconventional ways. I obviously love it as I am all about breaking fashion rules, hence the name of my blog (lol).

For this look, I styled a beautiful striped sequins skirt with a front slit. The skirt was a fitted midi skirt bursting with color so I paired it with a simple black crop top. The flowy ruffles on the crop top added some volume to the look making it more dimensional without distracting from the focal point of the outfit: The sequins skirt.

 These shoes were a major steal for under $50! The clear shoe trend definitely embodies the saying “ghetto until proven fashionable” as until very recently wearing clear plastic heels was something considered “tacky” or “ghetto” and now it’s a staple on the fashion scene. They truly are ideal as they go with everything and the fringe heel adds a dynamic design detail that’s subtle (because of the location), but fun.

Going with sequins for my birthday was a great choice, and this skirt was a major hit. This sequin skirt is now one of my favorite wardrobe pieces. Check back next week for where to buy your own sequins favorite!

Shop This look Here: Skirt  >> Crop Top >> Shoes 


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