Sequin looks are a must have this summer so I have made it easy for you to grab some shiny looks for yourself!

I’ve shopped for some distinct sequined shirts, skirts, dresses, and even coordinated sets. Most sequins items sell out fast (since they’re in high demand) so be sure to shop quickly. As I discussed in my post from last week, Shining in Sequins, designers and clothing brands this fall and summer have reimagined sequins looks to be casual attire, which means you can throw on your sparkly ensemble anytime! The pieces linked below will all take you to sites that sell a variety of other sequin clothing so definitely shop around and enjoy.

Sequins Tops


One >> Two >> Three

Sequins Skirts

One >> Two >>

Striped Sequins

One >> Two >> Three


Sequins Dresses

One >> Two >> Three


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