I have some pretty amazingly fashionable friends and I am excited to be featuring the first one on my blog. I met NaaAmerley while completing Teach for America institute in Philidelphia. We were immediate friends as we both enjoyed working hard, and calling out some of the problematic rhetoric we heard on occasion (that’s me being very politically correct). We also found out quickly that we both enjoyed fashion: cheap, thrifted, expensive, it didn’t matter. We both found clothing to be a fun creative outlet.  After losing touch for a few years NaaAmerley reached out to come to visit me in NYC.  I was thrilled, I knew I wanted to put her on the blog. Watching her style evolve into what it is now via social media had been something I was secretly enjoying for years.

How would you define your style?
I mulled over this question. I avoided it, I came back to it. I think, sometimes, that when I procrastinate it’s a means to avoid what could sometimes be an undesired outcome or that something is set in stone (i.e. defining my style means it can’t change, which it can and has greatly), which neglects the way life is really an ongoing process of refinement and alignment to one’s values & beliefs. So, that said, I must name that my style is only consistent such that it evokes an emotion for me and that it’s abundant (think: layers, monochrome) with attention to detail (think: “I Ain’t Sorry” Lemonade enamel pin or all transparent accessories). Style for me is about the way something feels; the way color triggers a psychological effect, the cozi&inwardness of oversized clothes, the way a texture breaks up planes, the way details in unexpected places keep you engaged, “more is more”, if you will. “It’s about the details, clothes are just the bare minimum of ‘style’ “, says Bloody Osiris, a sentiment that resonates deeply with me and that you’ll see reflected in our shoot.
How has it evolved over the years?
Over the years my style has become more bold, daring, unafraid, provocative, and exciting. It’s also become more practical, relaxed, comfortable, and functional. It has become more authentic as I’ve figured out what I like (for example, I know that at work the more pockets I have the better [and if none, you’re done], that a jacket with pockets also helps, and belt loops for clipping things on – everything from pens to fobs + see through and organza everything + jeans just aren’t my thing) and I really prioritize comfort above all. 


Where do you shop and/or look for inspiration
I shop a lot of secondhand (Buffalo, Depop, – here especially I’ve found some standout pieces, Ebay, Poshmark, etc.). The introvert in me has (for better or worse) really become keen on online shopping, especially when I began to appreciate oversized and fit wasn’t difficult to determine. I’ve found out about some wonderful black-owned brands like TLZFEMME, ohheygirlstore, Alex Carter (shopalexcarter.com), and Kamaswazi via Instagram. I’m inspired by nature, by Solange, Jan Quammie y, Chainky Reindorf, Michael & Leonie Badger, you (!), and truly my imagination. I get excited to style things that I’ve never seen before on a human being because I think every time you see something new your mind expands a bit more (that notion inspires me). 
Who is your style crush and why?
My style crush is Jan Quammie, the Fashion Director of InStyle German. I love how she dresses sneakers, she makes everything look carefree, her looks are abundant, fresh, and I’m in such awe of the way she incorporates oversized pieces. Oh yeah, and her frames game is top notch. 
What was your creative process for styling this shoot?
My creative process in styling this shoot was really centered on colors –  I knew I wanted to put both of us in monochrome looks (originally red), and when I saw the way the red complimented that light mauve purple + pink (and with organza/transparent pieces throughout), it was just a matter of landing on the details. I think it’s the virgo in me that constantly wants to overpack so I have “options”, while traveling so I did just that for this shoot (packed a myriad of clothes in each color)  1. because I imagine that’s what a stylist would do lol and 2. so that you really had some choice with your look such that it was authentic to you! 

Red Looks

On Kim —-
  • red o/s blazer c/o Goodwill 6.99
  • off white belt c/o Virgil Abloh 246.
  • red faux fur convertible bag c/o Free People est 40.
  • shoes c/o
On NaaAmerley
  • red wave cap c/o local beauty supply store 3.00
  • red o/s blazer c/o Goodwill 6.99
  • red organza shirt c/o Depop 53.95
  • red flowy tank c/o Buffalo Exchange 8.
  • red jeans w calve zipper c/o Goodwill 6.99
  • shoes c/o IRII NYC 270.
  • o/s transparent raincoat c/o amazon 13.99
  • holographic bag c/o Buffalo Exchange 20.
Pink & Purple Looks
On Kim —-
  • pink sunglasses c/o Amazon 9.99
  • pink organza top c/o Asos 16.
  • pink pants c/o Issey Miyake via Joan Shepp 250.
  • pink tank under organza top c/o Buffalo Exchange 10.
  • pink boots c/o Topshop via Second Time Around 40.
  • holographic bag worn as waist pack c/o Buffalo Exchange 20.
On NaaAmerley
  • clear sunglasses c/o Buffalo Exchange 10.
  • sade tee w custom avocado dyed color (by badge) c/o Depop 24.98
  • purple organza sheer puff sleeve top c/o Pretty Little Thing via Asos
  • purple o/s pants c/o Goodwill 6.99
  • stacked metallic oxford c/o Stella McCartney via Depop 150.

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