Fall sales are starting and as a new blogger one thing I’ve learned to do is shop a season early and save money (there are ALWAYS pre-season sales).  Knowing the trends for fall/winter can help you do a few things:

  1. Spend less because you will realize what trends are being recycled and take note of the clothes you have that you want to pull out for the season. This will reduce your spending because you will realize you don’t “need” as much as you imaged you did.
  2. Be more focused while you’re shopping because you know what trend you want to replicate.
  3. Disregard the trends when you see something you want anyway (my favorite thing to do).

Here are the big trends for fall/winter 2018

  1. Bow down

Big statement bows were all over fall/winter runways with designers accenting shoes, dresses, collars, and even hats with dramatic eye-catching bows.

Money Saving Tip: If you have any lace-up sandals or shirts that tie, rather than tie them in a knot, tie them into big bows.

2. Unnatural Animal

Tom Ford really took the lead in this colorful Jersey Shore inspired animal print trend that graced runways this fall. Dolce and Gabanna (Zebra coat) also joined in, in a revival of the bold animal print. This look quickly can turn tacky but fashion is about taking a risk so I am looking forward to recreating some of these looks.

Money Saving tip: Definitely hit the thrift store, there is a lot of tacky animal print out there to be revamped into trendy outfits.

3. Shining in Sequin (yes like we did in the summer)

Sequins are not going anywhere, they are being once again reinvented for fall/winter in suits mostly, but also in dresses and jackets. Tadashi Shoji and Balmain both did this with beautiful gold suits (two furthest to the right).

4. Plaid Even Prettier

Possibly one of my favorite fall/winter 2018 is the return of workwear in colorful plaid (and tweed). I love wearing so seeing these beautiful checkered/plaid patterns with bright combinations of color has me ready for fall (a little bit, I do love summer).

5. Pink and Red

Self-explanatory,  beautiful colors to color block.

Money Saving Tip: Go into your closet and find some pink and red, wear them together (lol)!

 6. West World

Another big trend is back this season and that is western attire.   This look can be done subtly, so you don’t literally look like you’re about to go round-up some cattle, with boots, belts, and shirts. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein really owned this look on both their runways this fall.

Money Saving Tip: Again, hit up the thrift store, there is so much western/cowgirl attire that goes virtually untouched…until now anyway.

Other big trends…..

  1. Capes
  2. Layering, big padded coats, and hoods
  3. Tweed
  4. Leather dresses
  5. Scarf print dresses

Happy Fall Shopping!



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