As someone who loves warm weather and the sun, winter attire is one of the few things that gets me excited about cold weather. Living on the east coast has given me a new appreciation for well-made coats (and by well made I mean it looks good, is made from quality material and keeps me warm). Growing up in Oakland, California meant coats were not something I thought of often because there was not a need to.

Shopping for coats has become “a thing” for me since moving to New York City in 2016. I have faux furs, puffer jackets, peacoats in multiple colors, capes and more. I am always eager to see the new trends in outerwear as they help me determine what coats to recycle, thrift, give away and buy.

Below are some of my favorite finds for this fall/winter season.

Plaid Coats

A plaid coat is a great coat to have. The pattern itself is versatile in that depending on the type of plaid and coloring you can play the trend up or down. Number One (below) is a subtle plaid print that could likely be worn over multiple seasons as a closet staple where number two is much more of a bold statement coat.

One >> Two >> Three



Love a good cape, read about that here, shop below.

One >> Two >> Three

Faux Fur

I slightly overdid it last year with the faux fur and I regret nothing. Most faux fur coats can be worn over multiple seasons, keep you warm and they will have you looking nice and glamorous for the winter. I have one similar to number two (middle), that I surprisingly wear more than any other coat. I consider leopard to be a neutral color so I throw it on with any and everything.

One >> Two >> Three

Puffer Coats

Puffer coats are a must have in the winter on the east coast.  They provide the absolute most warmth and protection and this season they are here in a variety of high fashion styles (like number two), trendy prints (like number one), and fun colors.

One >> Two


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