Did some Black Friday shopping to save everyone some time and blogging about all the things I want to buy prevents me from spending so much money (or does it?), anyway as I was shopping I realized that this is not only a great list of finds for yourself, but this is also a great gift giving guide for your friends and family! So use this for all the things ūüôā¬† ¬†

 Teddy Coats

Teddy coats are taking over this¬†winter and it makes perfect sense. Who doesn’t want to be trendy while wrapped nicely in a jacket made of the same texture as teddy bears?!

I found three on sale all for under $150. The first one I spotted is a waist-length, pink and fluffy teddy coat. I also loved this oversized brown Teddy coat with pockets available in four different color options. Finally this longer teddy coat (pictured, click to shop) on Sale for Black Friday from asos.

Holiday Glamour 

I love dressing up for the Holidays and I would bet nobody that knows me or reads this blog is shocked by this revelation. What started as my mother and grandmother putting us in cute outfits for Holiday pictures on Christmas morning has become just slightly more dramatic. With age comes wisdom, so now that I am old (er), I am planning out my shopping (I laughed as I typed that) so you can too! Shopping for the rest of my holiday looks this black Friday.

Express (I know right?) is having a great sale, which they seem to always be doing, they had two nice pieces I was looking into to: The striped jumpsuit to the right, I can see being worn as featured or with a white shirt underneath with voluminous sleeves or shoulders. I also adored this romper (looks better on the full-figured model).

My black Friday¬†sale shopping lead me to one of my favorite mostly budget-friendly shopping sites, nakd.com¬†(everything is also 30% off). I loved this glittery¬†black overlap top, I have one that is a dark orange that I wear all the time when I want to add a little sexy sparkle to my outfits. In the theme of mesh glitter, the versatility¬†of the dress initially caught my eye. It reminded me of something Carrie Bradshaw would wear down the streets of NYC, but if you’re not that bold (be that bold!), you can make it a great statement top, swim cover-up, or, as was intended, an overlay. Despite what my previous¬†links may have implied, sequins isn’t the only way to be in the holiday theme, this beautiful wrap leopard dress would make a perfect holiday dinner statement.

Instinct made me check back on this sequins dress I have been admiring for some time, and as luck would have it, it’s on sale.

Then I spotted this beautiful leopard “One Day” dress for you shoppers who have already arrived at that “Day”.

Hats & Scarves 

One of my favorite tricks in the winter is to buy a new hat and/or scarf in lieu of a new outfit because in the winter on the east we live in big coats and warm sweaters in the coldest parts of the winter. So accessorizing with nice hats/scarves can liven up your everyday commuter look.

I started my hat and scarf search at Zara and never left, too much good stuff. Plus, they give a reliable 30% off the entire site for black Friday so why not?

Zara had an amazing collection of hats and scarves, I was particularly drawn to the vibrant colors and prints they featured this season. I loved the pale pastel pink of this knitted beanie and the large leopard print on this one. I never even thought about buying a rain hat, but this one I found myself sliding into my shopping cart (also comes in plaid). Finally, a cute pale grey beret effortlessly takes any outfit up a notch.

Zara scarves were equally as impressive, I wanted them all and got completely distracted clicking through photos of this stunning model in these bright scarves that do wonder for her skin tone. This pom pom scarf pictured is one of the favorites that I am hoping to grab when the sale goes live.


Zara also had a beautiful snakeskin scarf I have my eye on, a number of big blanket plaid scarves (that come in a variety of colors) that I love to take with me on flights because they obviously double as a blanket.  Lastly, for all my friends with glamourous plans, or simply like to just be glamorous at all times, Zara had plenty of faux fur scarves.    

Shop for others, treat yourself, or do both and be thankful you can ūüôā




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