Italy 2017 ~ Porto Cervo

My trip to Italy was THE most memorable trip I took in Europe. Thanks to my amazing friends, the trip was planned to absolute perfection; both our outfits and our activities.

Every summer my close friends and I take a trip overseas, and this trip really solidified our status as expert travelers (only partly joking). Prior to the trip, we booked and planned EVERYTHING (yes, just about everything) in advance. This is the key to stress free (and affordable) travel. We made dinner reservations, booked our boat rental, scheduled cooking classes, and even marked the shopping districts we wanted to visit. We (read: my amazing travel connoisseur and best friend Shauna) made a shared itinerary that we all continually added to until we had the perfect trip planned before we even stepped on the plane. This also meant that all of the major expenses for the trip had already been taken care of, which helped with budgeting.

For this trip, I decided to put together outfits that were a mix of thrift, cheap, and more pricey items. This is the best way to produce a sophisticated and complete wardrobe for a reasonable price (tips on how to do this well will be coming up in future posts!). These pictures are from last year, and many of the items are no longer available. However, if you have questions about any of my looks, please feel free to comment below! Future travel posts will include links to my outfits.

Due to the sheer number of pictures I have from this trip (shocking right?), I am going to split this trip into two parts. First up, Porto Cervo! Below are pictures of some of the best food, views, moments, and outfits. I have linked to most of the places we ate and stayed.

Lastly, I decided not to edit these photos, the goal of my travel post is to showcase great memories, good outfits, and fun experiences. I want the pictures to be authentic and disrupt this idea that for something to be worth posting it needs to be perfect.


We started the trip in Porto Cervo which is a small Italian seaside resort in Sardinia. We stayed at a beautiful resort in a Villa with a gorgeous view of the water.

Accommodations: The Bagaglino Gardens of Porto Cervo


The resort was beautiful, filled with lush greens and picturesque pathways.

Another great benefit of planning ahead is getting those outfits together! Once you know what you are planning to do each day, the important work can begin. My friends and I share a love of “doing the most”, so when we travel we love to dress up (we actually will take any excuse to dress up so Italy was a no brainer). Here are a few pre-dinner pictures, shamefully, there are no “dinner” pictures because we were having too much fun :).

Dining night one:  Sottovento Club








The next day we headed to Phi Beach club for a super busy day of ocean viewing and day drinking. We literally laid out all day, listened to music, drank delicious champagne, and enjoyed our girl time.

Beach Club: Phi Beach 









That night we headed out to have dinner and attend a party at the Billionaire’s Club, providing us with another great opportunity to do the most. The pizza was absolutely delicious (as is expected in Italy).

Dinner/Club: Billionaire Life







The next day we lived out our middle school girl dreams and wore matching visors to a gorgeous beach. We were able to really catch up on each other’s lives, listen to good music, eat amazing food (we did a lot this), and enjoy being in each others company.

Beach: Reef Beach







For our last night, we headed to a trendy club called ritual. A great time was had by all, hence the many blurry pictures.

Club: Ritual


IMG_2682 (1).jpgIMG_4673

Next up, Positano! Check back next week for the second part of our Italy trip.