Dublin 2018

Ireland was never on my list of countries to visit in Europe, and now that I have been I can honestly say that was a mistake! Ireland is a beautiful country with kind people, great live music, delicious food and endless drinks.  I made the trip to Ireland to see my very best friend marry the love of her life, an Irish lad (hehe) from Headford. They met while she was studying abroad in Galway and decided to get married in Cong Ireland (that part of the trip will be posted later). Before the wedding could take place we threw the bride a full bachelorette party in Dublin.

Day 1- Get things ready!

Day one in Dublin was filled with running errands and getting ready for the bachelorette party activities. Before coming to Dublin we (the bridesmaids) went crazy on Etsy and other customizing websites to get all the necessary bachelorette things. We wanted to unpack them and surprise the bride before she arrived home from work.

Day one outfits 🙂

Here are all the amazing things we (mostly Ebony lol) found on Etsy for the bach weekend.

Customized champagne bottle labels that say “Cheers to the future MRS” and “Shauna’s Bachelorette” along with customized straws that say “Pop the bubbly she’s getting a hubby!” and ” Shauna’s Bachelorette”.

A polaroid camera to take pictures with that we then combined into a scrapbook for the bride. We filled the goodie bags with red lipstick, Advil, and confetti.

Photo booth props though we did not have a photo booth (lol) and they became more table decorations than props (shrugs).

The finished set-up we surprised the Bride to be with (plus a few great shots of the happy couple and their family on the lower shelves).

Ebony hard at work making things look good.

When the bride came home she was very happy to see the decorations, she expressed this excitement after greeting and petting her beloved cat Tony #priorities.

That night we headed out to a delicious tapas restaurant in Dublin called Las Tapas De Lola .

The Bride to be looking perfect the week before her wedding, with her baby Tony in the background.

Bridesmaid number one (Ebony) in athleisure and some amazing YSL stilettos.

Close up of those bad boys.

Bridesmaid three (Amanda) also in workwear #greatminds.

The adorable Tapas restaurant where we ate.

Day 2- Bachelorette (Hen) Day!

The Bachelorette day was filled with flawless execution (shout out to the bridal squad) and great times had by everyone in attendance. We were able to meet the grooms family and we all became immediate friends. We started with a garter and lingerie making class at this beautifully decorated pub in Dublin called Foleys (definitely check out the pictures on the website, the decor alone makes the place worth a visit).

Requested attire for this activity was full denim looks (Canadian tuxedo).

Amanda looking amazing in her Levi’s and gorgeous ear cuff.

Me in my favorite Anthropologie floral print denim jacket.

The set up for garter making.

Party favors and goody bags!

Materials for garter making.

The Bride and I showing off our garter making skills.

Ebony and Amanda trying on their custom-made lingerie.

The Bride with her maids, not a surprise she wasn’t interested in keeping any of the lingerie we made her.

The crew.

After garter making class we headed back to the bride-to-be’s house and got changed for part two (three and four) of the night which would consist of cocktail making, dinner, and dancing. The attire for the night was black dresses with black cat ears for the bridesmaids and a white dress with white cat hears for the bride.

The cocktail making class was at this bar in Dublin called Harry’s on The Green. On the outside, it looked like a normal pub but the inside was (like most places in Ireland) nicely decorated and the bartenders where funny and informative.  We did, however, have to fact check some of the information after he told us the porn star martini became popular after it was served for a Royal family engagement.

Our materials for cocktail making.

The Bride at cocktail making class, tasting one of the cocktails we made.

Ebony looking perfect in her cat ears and lace

After having many drinks at cocktail making class we headed to Sophie’s, a restaurant that has perfect 360 views of Dublin (definitely check out the site).  I didn’t get a great shot of the view but dinner was a great time. The restaurant’s food was delicious, I highly recommend the risotto.  We got the best surprise at around 11 pm when a DJ started up in the middle of the restaurant. Ireland really loves their music and since we do as well, this became a highlight of the night.

Random swing we found at the restaurant, so of naturally we took a few photos

The bride and I before dinner.

The Bridal party.

Shauna, Amanda, and Brina at dinner.

After dinner we headed out to a club called 37 Dawson street which was a funky decorated whiskey bar turned club. We had a good time, there are few pictures to show evidence of this but I did find one. 

How all good Bachelorette parties should end.

Day 3- Tourist time

Our third day in Dublin consisted of eating and drinking in the name of tourism. We started the day in our typical fashion with brunch at Angelina’s, another perfectly designed restaurant with delicious food (seriously, the food in Ireland was all so good). We recapped the bachelorette night laughing at memories like the bride asking for 8 orders of fries for the table, sipped prosecco (which will now be referred to as an integral part of our diet while traveling), and enjoyed being with each other.

A typical photo of us: we ask someone to take our picture, then laugh too hard at something one of us said to get a good shot.


The Bride, glowing like everyone should be the week before their wedding.


After we finished eating we heading over to the Jameson factory to take a tour.  The tour was actually really interesting but that could be because I know nothing about the making of whiskey. It comes with a free cocktail after and you are able to try several different whiskey variations from different parts of the world during the tour, I would definitely recommend it.

When your travel diet consist mostly of prosecco.

Daydreaming about Jameson.

The main entryway with a Jameson Chandelier.

Stuff the put in Jameson lol

Jameson Cocktails after the tour.

Me 🙂

After the Jameson factory tour, we went out to Temple Bar which is a popular area to go out and drink in Dublin. We spent most of our time at a bar called Merchants Arch that had amazing live music.

Staircase at Merchants Arch

Merchants Arch bar.

Temple Bar area.

Ha’penny Bridge

Day 4- Shopping and heading to Galway

The last day consisted of more brunching (shocker), shopping, and finally traveling to Galway. Galway is where the bride at the groom meet while the bride was studying abroad.

Mandatory Pre Brunch Pic.

Can you tell we love to eat?

More delicious food.

And again….

Shopping Trip Selfie.

After getting some last minute items from the store we packed up our already overpacked luggage and headed to Galway. Galway was beautiful and filled with more great memories. Check back next Tuesday for some stunning wedding photos and more pictures from our Ireland trip part II: Galway, Headford, and Cong!