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Wedding Ready

After the bachelorette weekend in Dublin, (read all about that here), we took ourselves and our overpacked luggage to the groom’s hometown of Headford: a beautiful quaint town about 25 minutes away from Galway. Despite having prep work for the wedding, we were able to take some time and explore Galway and Headford. The people were kind, the food continued to be deliciously prepared, and the drinks never stopped flowing. The grooms family and entire community welcomed us in a way we had not experienced before we and left Headford with new experiences and friends.



Headford and Ashford Castle

The Bride’s wedding venue was an actual castle, and we were able to go visit the venue a few days before the wedding. The castle grounds, interior decor, drinks (but of course), and the scenery left us in awe. It felt like we were walking through in a perfectly painted portrait.

No trip to Headford is complete without a stop at the local Pub…..


The Rehearsal Dinner

The bride and groom were married in the same church the groom, Barry, was confirmed in as a child.

The Bride’s Sister and Law and my one shoulder twin.

This picture was taken after dinner and drinks…can you tell?


The Bridal Shower

Part of the reason our luggage was so overpacked was due to the number of custom decorations (and let’s be honest, outfits) we packed for each occasion. We wanted the bachelorette and bridal shower to feel individualized and special even with the bride living in Ireland.  The overweight bag fees were absolutely worth it in the end as we were able to throw a gorgeous bridal shower with intimate activities and memorable gifts.


Then it was time for the special day…..

During our Junior year of college, my best friend Shauna left to study abroad in Galway, despite her brothers’ firm warning about not meeting a boy, it was there she met her now Husband Barry. After nine years of being together, they committed to being partners for life in a stunningly beautiful (and perfectly planned) ceremony. The day went flawlessly and was a non-stop stream of tears and laughter. The speeches were well thought-out and touching, the food was impeccable, and the people who came to witness Shauna and Barry’s union were all genuinely touched by the obvious love that exists between them.

 Before the Wedding 


Wedding Details…


The Wedding…



Bridesmaid dresses: Reformation  
Hair: Niamh – Callan & Co
Photographer: Craig & Eva Sanders
Stationary:  Kate –  Keady Row
Invitations: Antonella –  MAGVA Design
Wedding Designer: Kate O’Dowd – Love&