Our trip to Johannesburg is hands down my absolute favorite trip. Capetown was beautiful but Johannesburg has my heart. It’s a powerful city with an oppressive history, a strong spirit, and a beautiful culture.

Johannesburg Part I

Day 1

We spent our first day in Johannesburg eating and wandering around Moboneng Precinct but spent the majority of our day at the partied museum.

Where we stayed >>

Contemporary Penthouse (airbnb)

Where we ate >>

Pata Pata

The Apartied Muesem

More information about the Apartheid Museum >>

Apartheid Museum

After one day in Johannesburg we flew to CapeTown for a quick three day trip, see those photos here.

Johannesburg part II

When we returned to Johannesburg from our trip to Capetown we jumped right in and explored the city. We ate delicious food, explored the history at museums, immersed ourselves in the culture, and partied all night long at the Afro-Punk music festival.

Day 2

Where we brunched >> Rockets

Soweto – Hector Peterson Muesem and Memorial

Museum and Memorial >> Hector Peterson Museum

Soweto- Orlando Towers and Chaf Pozi Bar and Restaurant

Orland Towers and Restaurant inside >> Chaf Pozi

Afro-Punk Music Festival n

Where we partied >> Afro Punk Music Festival

Day 3 – Last day in Johannesburg

Where we ate >> Four Seasons Johannesburg

Where we shopped and roamed >> Moboneng Precinct

We left Johannesburg only to miss our connecting flight back to New York and end up with an unexpected day trip in Abu Dhabi. We weren’t disappointed for too long. We were able to stop by a few places but the clear highlight was the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.