Newport Beach 2018

People complain about getting older, but one of the best things about age is the way you start to appreciate things you once took for granted. Family vacations are something we never fully grasped the significance of during our childhood, and long for after we become adults and realize the sacrifices people made to ensure you had these memories as part of your childhood.

Many of my favorite memories growing up, were created while going on vacation with my family. My grandparents are the epitome of smart investors and had two different timeshares by the time I was 10 years old. These timeshares were purposeful, my Grandmother very specifically was intent on purchasing them to ensure our family had a meeting spot. A place where we would come together every year (which became every other year as people got older), to just be together as a family. We would pack the cars and drive either 4 hours to Lake Tahoe, or 8 hours to Newport Beach. Days were spent swimming, playing with our cousins, spending our parent’s money, and best of all, eating. Many of our vacations were long before the days of social media so quality time was even more quality.

As the years passed the number of people in my family who could make the trip shifted from year to year with everyone being in attendance becoming a rare occasion. This year, however, the dates matched up and the entire crew was coming. I flew into Oakland where my parents and grandparents still live, to join them on the familiar 8-hour drive to Newport Beach, California. The following pictures are a visual summary of our time together as a family and marked the last trip of the summer.