Saying Hello

Hi, I’m Kimberly Clincy, and I show up to most places pretty overdressed. My friends constantly (and lovingly) tease me about my total lack of respect for the suggested attire and now I’ve decided to just own it. Casual redefined is about wearing what showcases your personality. It is about wearing whatever you want, wherever you want.

It is also about recognizing that with a little creativity and research, you can put together amazing looks without a ton of money. This blog will highlight how I manage to weave my love of fashion into my life as a teacher in NYC, an aunt to two beautiful girls, as well as a sister and friend to some amazing ladies.

On the blog you’ll find a variety of fashion looks, travel destinations, some great places to shop and my slight disregard for fashion rules .  My Grandmother Fannie Jean was a Drama major, so her house was filled with old school movies and musicals (I’m talking ‘Gone With the Wind’ and ‘My Fair Lady’ old). Films that showcased women in beautiful and ornate garments that inspired my love of clothing.

Casual redefined is a passion project. I love clothing, bright colors, patterns, textures, and pairing together pieces that create an unexpected look that just works. I hope casual redefined encourages everyone who visits to define their own style and ignore a few rules more often.

With Love,